Technology Solutions

We focus our technology on what the market demands: an enhanced borrower experience, robust order transparency, seamless process efficiency and stringent compliance. The Mortgage Connect proprietary technology platform enhances the order processing experience by delivering sophisticated functionality, workflow, and communication protocols.

The system provides secure access for unlimited user accounts and customizable permissions, all within an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that integrates to any existing system seamlessly.

Simply Sign™ Digital Signature & Notarization

The Mortgage Connect Simply Sign digital signature and notarization technology supports secure, non-repudiation instruments covering all signing types and possibilities including: traditional, hybrid, and full eClosings.

We offer a unique, one stop shop for signing and closing needs powered by DigaSign which is fully integrated with our document generation platform. Simply Sign supports natural signatures and digital notary seals with a unique compliance engine to ensure recordability.

Simply Sign™ Features

  • One Signing Solution Throughout the Transaction
  • Multi-Role Solutions for Notary, Title and Buyer
  • Real-Time Notification of Executed Documents
  • Non Repudiation - Separate Digital Certificates
  • Supports Natural & Digital Notary Seals
  • Digital Signature Pad with Biometric Support
  • Touch Screen Supported
  • Compliance Assured

Completely Paperless E-Closing Solutions

We deliver a completely paperless e-closing experience through our sophisticated eConnect technology platform. The fully customizable solution provides:

  • Hybrid e-Closing Solutions
  • End-to-End Paperless e-Closing in Permissible States
  • e-Notarization Technology Enabling Customer to e-Close in Branch
  • Smart Document Tagging
  • MERS Registry Capable
  • FNMA/FHLMC Capable Solution
  • Vaulting Capabilities

Simply Connect Mobile Application

The Simply Connect mobile application delivers efficient, streamlined process support for Title Searchers, Inspectors, Appraisers and Signing Agents.

The application’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface provides sophisticated tracking and automated capabilities, reducing the need for constant communication between various stakeholders.

  • Schedule, Location and Event Tracking
  • GPS Functionality Allowing Agent to Map Their Route
  • Exceptions Dashboard Alerts Closing Team of Potential Late Signing Agent Arrival
  • Automatic Notifications & Reminders
  • UPS Tracking of Original Closing Documents
  • Fingerprint Log-In
  • Enhanced Borrower Features Including Identity Confirmation, Communication and Tracking
  • Intuitive Vendor Ordering Providing Full Order Summary, Communication Features, Directions, and Image Uploading.