Customizable Solution to Document Inventory and Quality Review

Our expertise in Omni-channel intake and recordation processes provides a fully customizable solution to document inventory and quality review. Our sophisticated DOC 360° Portal provides clients full visibility to documents within minutes of intake and provides real-time feedback on defects as well as efficient document imaging, categorization and quality review status. Immediate access to inventory and images allows rapid decision making and enhances document quality.

  • Proprietary Physical and Digital Document Inventory System
  • Efficient Document Intake, Imaging, Categorization, and Quality Review
  • Customizable Document Quality Review Process by an Experienced Team
  • Quality First Approach to Document Management
  • Detailed, Real-Time Feedback on Document Defects
  • Portal Provides visibility to Documents within Minutes of Intake
  • Real-Time Location of All Physical Documents
  • USPS Mailing and Postage Management