Valuation Services

Designed around the special challenges facing Mortgage Lenders, Correspondent and Servicers, our nationwide Appraisal Management Services, Valuation Connect, deliver unmatched operational efficiencies while ensuring quality reporting, consistency and regulatory compliance. As pioneers of the industry’s service first model, we also ensure the consumer’s experience is unlike any other during the stressful loan process.

Our service level and satisfaction reports prove our expertise and processes result in faster turn-around times, an enhanced transactional experience, and unparalleled report quality.

Industry Changing Innovation - Valuation Connect

Multi Factored Vetting & Assignment

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our intelligent appraisal management and assignment process leverages an advanced vetting algorithm based on property type/value, historical data, appraiser expertise and loan type. Assignments leverage advanced algorithm assuring the most qualified professional in our network arrives at the property and has the right experience and qualifications to complete the assignment.
Our unique consumer-centric process allows for Pre-Set Appointment Assignment*, strict adherence to Client's communication protocols as well as consumer-focused education tools. With business process touch points to the consumer throughout the process you are assured your consumer know what to expect.

Single Point of Contact with Serve First culture

Lender Specific Quality Control

Your single point of contact is supported by your client dedicated team, trained on your specific protocols and requirements to ensure operational and execution metrics are met for every order.
We understand that standard guidelines are just that - standard. Many lenders today have various risk and underwriting guidelines that fall outside of standard appraisal quality control. At Valuation Connect, we work with your risk and underwriting teams to develop the most robust Quality Control Guidelines that helps reduce time consumer reconciliations.