Loan Modifications


Mortgage Connect Default Solutions is a national provider of end-to-end solutions across the Default continuum, serving 15 of the top 20 lenders in the country.

We offer a 50-state solution including Valuations, Loan Modifications, Pre-Foreclosure Title & TSG, Deed-in-Lieu & Short Sales and REO Title & Closing services. Across all lines of business we provide an enhanced partner and consumer experience, operational excellence, expertise in regulatory compliance and stringent quality control.


The Client Portal was designed specifically to process transactions related to loan modifications. Our advanced technology was designed for the user to have the ability to efficiently order, review, create and communicate at any stage while having 24/7 access to critical, real-time information. We have the flexibility and capability to provide the solution as a whole or customize the workflow to align with your business needs.

  • Single order technology eliminates the need to keep track of multiple order numbers per loan, reduces redundancies and promotes transparency during the life cycle of that loan
  • Ability to place full suite of orders—from Title orders to Insurance for loan modification transactions
  • Acquire status and submit inquiries on existing orders
  • Milestone tracking
  • Review grading and request grade review/revision by providing information and/or documents
  • Pull completed products and/or needed documents
  • Access loan modification specific training documents
  • Order placement and delivery can be done through the client portal, integration or via data file
  • Dashboard reporting to promote transparency and tools for oversight
  • Client portal is integrated to secure and compliant state-of-the-art production and print facility
  • Client user has the option to print and ship out of their facility or utilize our print facility