Capital Markets

We understand the need to maximize productivity while also navigating through fluctuating market dynamics, changing regulatory landscape, and increasing consumer demands. Loan quality is crucial to profitability and performance for servicers and investors who are managing or acquiring loans. With our deep knowledge and know-how in loan closings, valuations and title functions, we can provide customized solutions to reduce exposure to buy backs and can cure defects in your loan portfolio, no matter how seasoned and difficult the case.

Our client-dedicated mortgage and title specialists work with your staff, closing agents, attorneys and other third parties to ensure your documents are delivered in the most expeditious manner. Our benefits include:

  • Nationwide coverage – 50 State Solution
  • Exceptional turn times in all counties
  • Expertise on quality, compliance & regulatory requirements
  • Ability to cure any defects in your loan portfolio, no matter how seasoned
  • Defined service level agreements extend variable cost solutions
  • Customized reporting
  • Integration with all major platforms & LOS systems